Turquoise waters and deserted beaches. You would think we were in the Caribbean.
But no…this is the shores of Lake Superior at Whitefish Point in Michigan. We are really floored with the beauty and diversity of this state! #puremichigan #ridelakesuperior (at Lake Superior)

5 hours ago

The sun sits in a cushion of clouds on a calm day on Lake Superior.
Just outside of Marquette, MI we had to pull over to witness this stunning sunset. Lake Superior is known for its rough and unpredictable water but it has given us some stunning sunsets as well. #puremichigan #ridelakesuperior (at Autrain Beach)

1 day ago

Sunrays in the distance.
Looking Down the dock on an ominous cloudy day in Northern Ontario. #discoveron #explorecanada

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An epic sunset on the shores of Lake Superior.
Even though the water temperature may be 3 degrees Celcius that doesn’t mean you can’t be warmed by the beauty of magnificent sunset. #discoveron #explorecanada (at Naturally Superior Adventures)

4 days ago

Where do you go in #Toronto to discover new food and recipe ideas? We visit Kensington Market for its international flair. #InspiredBy

1 week ago

The landscape, the scenery and the colours.
Just 3 reasons that we love New Zealand! #latergram

1 week ago

Sunset at the Anchor D Ranch in southern Alberta.
This beautiful horse stood majestically against this magnificent background as a breeze lightly flutters his tail. #latergram #explorecanada

1 week ago

Grange Park - There’s nothing like working on our latest story outside on a quiet park bench. Especially when the inspirational building of OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) is hovering overhead. Where do you draw inspiration to read or write Toronto? #InspiredBy

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A Llama gets vocal at Machu Picchu in Peru. We got lucky as the clouds parted and Inspotted this llama on the side of the mountain. Just as I crouched down to take his photo he raised his head and let out a piercing belt! #latergram

1 week ago

The Desert Lines of Peru.
The windswept lines of the sands in Huacachina. We loved Peru and can’t wait to return in November. #latergram

1 week ago