A sunset to remember on the Benjamin Islands.
The weather was rough when we arrived it turned into a stunning sunset. Another incredible Ontario landscape. #manitoulin @neontario #explorecanada

10 hours ago

Playing with the night sky. A teepee under the stars.
Staying in a teepee was a first for us. It is an interesting experience and really gives you a sense of what it was like in the early days of this country. @neontario #manitoulin

1 day ago

Bridal Veil Falls on Manitoulin Island.
As we continue exploring this magnificent island we are constantly blown away by it’s hidden gems.
This is just one of them. A short walk from the road and you are transported to this beautiful sight.
#neontario #manitoulin

2 days ago

A view to remember.
Hiking the Cup & Saucer trail is a must do on Manitoulin Island.
It takes you up to the highest point on the island and presents this epic view. What a reward! #neontario (at Cup And Saucer Trail)

3 days ago

The perfect campsite on the Benjamin Islands.
Staying overnight on the Benjamins was a great experience.
The islands, just a 2 hr boat ride from Manitoulin Island, are unique in that they glow pink when hit by the sun. I love how the colours contrast with one another. Just one more reason why we love Ontario. #discoveron #explorecanada (at North Channel)

4 days ago

The perfect campsite on the Benjamin Islands.
These islands are just a 2 hr boat ride from Manitoulin Island and are unique in the sense that in the sun they glow pink.
For us with a little cloud they took on an orange colour which really contrasted with the green trees.
Just another reason to love the landscapes here in Ontario.
#discoveron #explorecanada (at Manitoulin Island (Sheguiandah))

5 days ago

Happy Shark Week!
We have had quite a few shark encounters during our Adventures but South Africa was by far the best.
Getting up close and personal with theses animals was just awesome! #sharkweek #meetsouthafrica #latergram

6 days ago

New Zealand is not just about beautiful landscapes.
In Kaikoura we got to witness the Humpback Whales migrating through the area.
Just another reason why we love #NZ. #latergram

1 week ago

Beautiful! Taking in one of the 100 Inland lakes of Manitoulin Island. As the weather moved in we got to enjoy the colourful scene that was unfolding in front of us. #discoveron #explorecanada (at Manitoulin Island)

1 week ago

Sometimes Mother Nature can make us feel so small.
Kayaking among the rock formations on the Slate Islands was one of these times.
There is just something magical about dipping your paddle in the crystal clear water as you are surrounded by beauty. An unforgettable feeling. #discoveron #explorecanada

1 week ago